How we started

The original idea for deWiz came to Christian Bergh as he was playing a casual round at his local club in Sweden. Playing some of his best golf, about to lower his handicap for the first time in forever, then disaster struck. When hitting off the tee on the 18, Christian could feel in his backswing he was about to slice the ball into a watery grave. Stopping mid-swing is nearly impossible, what if he could have stopped and regained composure? This is when the idea of deWiz was born and together with his coach Markus Westerberg, they co-founded deWiz.

5 Years of research and 7 Global patents

After five years of trial and error, and seven global patents, deWiz was finally launched in the summer of 2021. This revolutionary swing monitor and modifier is a result from over 50 000 hours of research, development and meticulous testing – and the quest to pioneer new ground still continues. Our technology is based on research in motor learning, the neuroscience of how to permanently change a person’s ability to perform a motor skill.

This scientific approach was then further tested and developed in collaboration with elite pro golfers and high level coaches, producing a revolutionary piece of technology for golfers who are serious about improving their game.


Patented feedback

Like any repetitive motion, your brain has a unique script it recites to perform your golf swing, and deWiz's biofeedback alerts your brain immediately when that motion goes off script. Your brain can calculate this precise feedback exponentially faster to modify your golf swing's script, minimizing bad habits and accelerating your pace of learning. The result - less guesswork and more consistency.