Distance control made easy

Establish your Wedge Gears

deWiz DistWedges refers to different swing lengths as “Gears”. We suggest to gap your gears by 8 inches/20 centimeters and start with working on three different swing lengths. Start with your full wedge swing length and use that Length of Backswing to gap your two other gears.

Length of swing determines carry distance

In performing countless studies on the wedge game, we find that there is a direct correlation between the swing length and the carry distance. This means that even just a few inches in swing length - which won’t be noticeable based on feel or even recognizable on video - is the difference in having a “hole-high” birdie putt and having your approach shot land long and roll off the green.

Practice your chipping

deWiz will detect swings up to 16 inches/40 centimeters in length, which means that it’s also a great tool to perfect your chipping and maintain consistent hand speed and tempo around the green.

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Four-time DP World Tour Champion

Adrian Meronk

"deWiz has helped me to develop a variety of different swings lengths and shot types with my wedges. It's really helped to transform my game.”

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